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Frequently Asked Questions

All you need to know about Freecasting.

When you cannot find the answer in this FAQ you can send an email to Or after you have logged in you can chat with Yoran; our developer (and customer support team).
We trust it when you made it this far we do not need to tell you. However especially for our friends and family a link to the Wikipedia narrowcasting (aka digital signage) page.
We simply provide a very easy way to cast your content on any screen connected to the internet, within minutes, for free.
What you get for free today will be for free forever, we promise. In case our tool becomes a success, we will have to setup a serious internal meeting with flip boards, coffee etc. to see if and how we can deliver extra value for you, which we can monetize.
1. A laptop/tablet or phone to build your display (within minutes).
2. A TV that is connected to the internet, this could be a smart tv or a tv connected to internet via a laptop or a PC.
1. Simply create a couple of Google Slides, easiest way to show information.
2. Do you have a nice YouTube movie you would like to show? Just copy the YouTube link in the tool and start casting!
3. Instagram, search Insta by hashtag and add the hottest posts to your display! The images are shown in an animated gallery.
4. Looking to make your display all business? Use the Google Sheets function to show spreadsheets (with full support for tables and functions) to your display.
1. Give your board a name
2. Select your media (Instagram, YouTube, Google Slides, or Google Sheets)
3. Sort your media in your preferred order
4. Play (for this stage you need to create an account in order for us to save your board, no worries, it’s free)
5. If you want to make changes to your board? No problem, you can do this anytime you want. Simply login, select your board and go over the same process as described above, again.

We have chosen not to include a media editor within to keep it easy to use and free of charge. Instead we have decided to use the power of Google Slides to add and edit your media and simply integrate this in

Any organization can start using our software, but for the following organizations it will work exceptionally well
1. Sports clubs
2. Stores (displays)
3. Companies and NGOs (internal information system)
4. Schools
5. Public buildings
6. Restaurants
Yes, you can.
Yes, for now this is available in the free version. However, you need to have multiple accounts to enable this.
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